There is two ways to get a copy of either a past or current tax return.

The first way and most affordable and fast will be to request the copy from the tax preparation office  who helped  you file that specific tax return.

Be prepared to pay a fee for the tax copies, in our case the fee is $10.00 for each tax year. 

You may request by phone a copy of your taxes from an specific tax year or years  to be send by fax to you, if that is the case a $15.00 fee will be charge for the fax service for each tax year requested.  a credit card will be needed for phone requests.

The second way to get your tax copies, will be by  requesting them to the IRS directly. Their fees is for the amount of $50.00 and you generally will have to wait 60 calendar days to get them by mail. 

For more information on how to get tax copies from the IRS and how to file form 4506 click here.

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