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Payroll Services

Payroll for the frequency you desire:
weekly, by-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, etc.

Pay by: 
hour, salary, commission, per-piece, per-mile, etc.

E-filing of EDD forms DE9 and DE9C. 

E-Filing of EDD forms DE34 and DE542
(whenever is needed)

Filing of federal forms 941 and 940.
(quarterly and annually respectively) 

E-filing of forms w3 and w2's at the end of the year and of course copies for you and employees.

E-payment of Tax liability from your designated checking account.

Tax liability requirement reports. 
(monthly or semi-weekly depending of your situation)

For your convenience, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
Provide you with forms I-9 and W4 on request.
Your option of e-mail or fax or first class mail delivery of payroll 
*Optional Personal delivery of payroll checks and reports one business day before your actual payday.

Professionalism, politeness and 14 years of experience doing Payroll.

Payroll Service Rates

Up to 3 employees.
$80.00 monthly. (by weekly payroll)
$140.00 monthly (weekly payroll)

From 4 to 6 employees.
$140.00 monthly. (by weekly payroll)
$180.00 monthly (weekly payroll)

From 7 to 9 employees.
$180.00 monthly. (by weekly payroll)
$220.00 monthly. (weekly payroll)

From 10 up to 12 employees.
$220.00 monthly. (by weekly payroll)
$260.00 monthly (weekly payroll)

For  more than 12 employees, call us for a quote.

If Personal Delivery of payroll is desired add $35.00 to above monthly prices. 
Service ONLY available for Rialto, Bloomington, Fontana, Colton and San Bernardino.

One time set up fee equal to one monthly payment will apply.

Monthly payments are actually pay quarterly
(for example, if your monthly payment is for $ 80.00 you will pay $240.00 at the beginning of each quarter.)

Payments apply for either full or fraction of quarter.
(this means that if you contract our service after any given quarter have started, you still have to pay for the entire quarter)

Prices subject to change without notice.
Prices won't change for you after you have contracted our service and they will be good for one year.
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