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Payroll Services

Payroll for the frequency you desire:
weekly, by-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, etc.

Pay by: 
hour, salary, commission, per-piece, per-mile, etc.

E-filing of EDD forms DE9 and DE9C. 

E-Filing of EDD forms DE34 and DE542
(whenever is needed)

Filing of federal forms 941 and 940.
(quarterly and annually respectively) 

E-filing of forms w3 and w2's at the end of the year and of course copies for you and employees.

E-payment of Tax liability from your designated checking account.

Tax liability requirement reports. 
(monthly or semi-weekly depending of your situation)

For your convenience, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
Provide you with forms I-9 and W4 on request.
Your option of e-mail or fax or first class mail delivery of payroll 
*Optional Personal delivery of payroll checks and reports one business day before your actual payday.

Professionalism, politeness and 14 years of experience doing Payroll.

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