Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few of our most asked questions regarding taxes and related topics.

Do I have to pay your fees up front?
No. If you apply for Rapid Refund we will deduct all our fees from your refund check.

Can I have my taxes done with my last paycheck stub?
Yes. But we will not be able to do any type of E-file.

I haven't done my taxes for a couple of years can I have them done together?
No. We can prepare your taxes for both years or any number of years the same day, but you have to file a complete and separate income tax for each year.

My child is 18 or over can I still claim him/her?
Yes. But only if they lived with you and you supported him/her with more than half of his/her needs. The above is true even if your child worked, and if that is the case they can still have their own taxes filed. 

I think I will owe but do not have the money, what I should I do? How can I pay Uncle Sam?
Four Different ways to deal with the problem, choose the best that fits your situation.

How can I get a copy of my tax return?
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Are my Social Security Benefits Taxable?
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Unemployment Compensation is taxable?
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If you have any other questions that were not covered here 
call us or submit your question online  and we'll gladly answer it for you.
What's more beneficial?

A small tax preparation office which is open year around, gives personal attention to each customer and do not change tax preparers every tax season?


A large company which is not open year around, does not give personal attention and changes tax preparers every tax season?
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