We offer Stability, we are not going anywhere, 18 years in the same location.

We offer Trust,  you can have confidence that we will behave responsibly and honorably when giving advice and or when preparing your taxes, so much that we put our money where our mouth is, if there is ever a situation where due our fault you have to amend or otherwise deal with a tax situation, we will not only help you for FREE, but we will reimburse all tax preparation fees originally paid to us for that specific tax year. 

We offer Affordability, not only competitive fees, but also, no money out of your pocket.

We offer Reliability,  we are registered and bonded, that means we had passed all governmental requirements to practice tax preparation. Each of our 22 years as tax preparers.

We offer Security, our experience with  probably more than 9500 prepared tax returns can give you the security and peace of mind  that we know what we need to know so you can get the most out of your tax situation.

Stability, Trust,  Affordability, Reliability and Security.

If you are planning not to comeback to us to have your taxes done again or if you are having doubts about coming to us for the first time, make yourself this question: Does this other company or person can give me STARS service.?